Call Us to Discuss Possible Abortion Clinic Alternatives

For many different reasons, many birth mothers are not ready to raise a child. We understand this and maintain that adoption is a loving and healthy choice. We feel that personal interaction and taking the time to secure the birth mothers wellness is more than worth it.

Some of the alternatives to abortion range from adoptions that are totally open to closed adoptions, and everything in between.

Where to Start

When it comes to decisions regarding a child, sometimes the hardest step can be the first. Fortunately, our personnel is well equipped to listen to and accommodate all of your needs, concerns, and special circumstances. Options include a personal consultation, or a consultation over the phone.

If you are not yet ready to speak with us, just send us a message.

Private Adoption

When it comes to an unplanned pregnancy or circumstances unfit to raise a child, private adoption is the most beneficial option. We take the time to carefully match each birth parent with a caring new family, and ensure that your child will have the happy, secure life that they deserve.

We Take Care of You

We provide birth parents with the utmost support. From emotional reinforcement to financial relief, we make it our responsibility to make sure to create a positive experience out of a difficult situation.

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