About Us

We have handled over 2,000 cases in the last 30+ years.

Our Staff

Charlotte H. Danciu

Charlotte practices family law and specializes in private adoption, in vitro fertilization (also called gestational surrogacy), and artificial insemination (also called traditional surrogacy). After more than 24 years practicing law and more than 2,000 cases handled, Charlotte has become a leading expert in unplanned pregnancy, adoption, reproductive law, and non-traditional law matters. Thousands of young women have turned to Charlotte for help over the years. Now she’s ready to help you as well.

Maxine has been practicing law, primarily in the areas of juvenile and family law, for over 35 years. Along with Charlotte, Maxine has helped countless young women find a fitting alternative to abortion and helped many women facing an unplanned pregnancy get their life back on track. Maxine and her husband are the proud adoptive parents of their 14 year old daughter Chile.

Maxine Derkatch

Michael J. Danciu

Michael, a graduate of Nova Southeastern University Law Center, is an expert in the area of human relations. Michael brings a wealth of information to our company. He as worked with underprivileged and mentally challenged students, he’s interned in the Florida Senate, and he even drafted legislation designed to deal with various social issues facing the state of Florida.